Times Square Movies and Moments in Film

Times Square Movies

He Zipped Through in One of the Times Square Movies

Do you remember that part in Spider-Man 3 in Times Square where Spider-Man and Sandman are fighting on the billboards?

Just in case you were wondering, Times Square is a popular spot for filmmakers. You can find all sorts of movies filmed there. For example, both “Elf” and “The Naked Cowboy” were filmed in Times Square. In fact, Times Square is so popular among filmmakers that a documentary was even made about it. The film, entitled “Times Square”, follows the lives of several people who work in or around the square.

If you’re looking for an interesting place to watch a movie, why not check out one that was filmed in Times Square? You’ll get to see the sights and sounds of the famous square up close and personal. Plus, you’ll be able to say that you’ve seen a movie filmed there!

List of movies where Times Square Movies:

1) “Elf”

2) “The Naked Cowboy”

3) “Times Square” documentary

4) “Taxi Driver”

5) “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

6) “Friends with Benefits”

7) “Premium Rush”

8) “RoboCop”

9) “Black Nativity”

10) “Live from New York! The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live.”

11)”Two Weeks Notice”


13)”Something About Mary”

14)”Angels in America: Millennium Approaches”

15)”Spider-Man 3″”

16)”Sharknado 2: The Second One”

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