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Times Square is More Than Broadway

Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, and Entertainment when you visit New York City. NY Times Square Post is an online resource covering all things happening in the heart of New York. We are the heart of the city and take pride in providing great entertainment while keeping a positive and clean – because of our environmental responsibility. In other words, we are in the mix trying to find places, deals, restaurants, shopping, and exciting things to do.

Plan Your Trip to New York Properly

If you are planning on visiting, you would benefit from a plan to help you navigate and a few extra things to make this a worthwhile experience. Food is expensive, places are crowded, and you can easily waste time. With a high number of people flowing through the area, it is best to know ahead.

What to Expect

Crowds – lots of tourist and locals. Random famous people – There is VH1, Viacom, Good Morning America, etc. Also, many different languages are spoken around you – There is a melting pot from all over the world.

Highlight: NY Times Square
Address: Times Square, NY
Service: Entertainment

Recent News

Broadway and More - The Times Square Evolution

We asked ourselves this question - How did Times Square become the Heart of Entertainment in New York City. This documentary shows the development of what is today Times Square.

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The Times Square Post considers Solstice Times Square to be one of Times Square's most interesting events in NYC.

The most important NYE event of the year

Our crew went to three consecutive Times Square New Year Ball Drop Party. We loved every single minute of the celebration.