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Our Top Times Square Spots

Times Square is Really About You.

The Times Square Post was created to enhance the visitor's experience. We focus on the people visiting Times Square. Not the other way around. We are passionate about the heart of New York City, Times Square. The events are spectacular, and the experience is memorable. In fact, some of our most memorable events were spent doing something in Times Square. If you plan your events in advanced, you can find awesome places to reserve and enjoy. We created a NY Midtown Directory with our top choices, but here’s a list of our best spots throughout the city.

For me, having walked through Times Square so many times as a broke and starving artist, as a TV star, and now having other hopes and dreams, it just represents possibility and the moment of full circle. -Tituss Burgess

Times Square celebrates the “Times Square New Year Ball Drop” in big style with a celebration to never forget. In addition, it seems like star-power from all over the globe gets together in celebration.

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