The New York Comic-Con 2017 Will Be Big

New York Comic-Con 2017 Will Be a Hoot!

Superheros have been a huge part of American and international culture. Recently, companies like Marvel and DC have glorified the roles of comic heroes and helped them reach higher ground.

The New York Comic-Con 2017 is a once-a-year event held at the Javitz center in NYC.  The yearly event is fan-based and visited by hundreds of people from many parts of the world. Comic-Con originated as a Sci-Fi Comic-related fan-gathering. But today, Comic-Con has evolved into a celebrity-stacked gathering.  In addition, there will be crazy costumes and fun-driven awesome experiences. 

New York Comic-Con 2017

Needless to say, we have plenty to expect – anywhere from movie updates, to the latest gossip stories.  Also, actors from all over Hollywood will attend the yearly event.

The tradition of Comic-con celebrates comics, movies, television shows, anime, graphic novels related to super-heroes. Most recently, characters from the Big Bang Theory, Batman, Lord of the Rings, and others joined the mega-event held in the great city of New York.


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