New Year's Goals and Resolutions

"When I do good, I feel good." - Abraham Lincoln

Everyone's resolutions are different. We live different lives and go through a variety of experiences.

The taste of new food, or changing the amount you intake. Maybe achieve a certain physical appearance, or an aggressive target to buy a new home always comes to mind. The reasons are also very creative. You might be doing this for yourself (we hope this is most popular reason), but you might have a team you are coaching and want to do something collective. When it comes to life-changing resolutions, we recommend 3 topics to focus on; planning, preparing, and executing. Again, becasuse everyone's life experiences are different, consider these a guideline for growth.


Planning The Goals and Resolutions

Our crew went to three consecutive Times Square New Year Ball Drop Parties this last decade. We loved every single minute and the memories of the event are permanent. During these events from 2010-2018 we asked 90% of the audience a few questions to help us gather some statistics. out of approximately 1,200 people, 80% said they had a planning session with themselves or partners before the Times Square New Year's Balldrop took place, in where some of our most memorable events were spent watching. BTW ff you plan your events in advanced, you can find awesome NYC places to reserve and enjoy.

Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account. —Oscar Wilde

Times Square celebrates the “Times Square New Year Ball Drop” in big style with a celebration to never forget. In addition, it seems like star-power from all over the globe gets together in celebration.

The 4 areas of impact are the commonly known:

  • Health Resolutions
  • Mental Preparation Goals
  • Spiritual or Moral
  • Professional Development

Preparing Your List of Goals and Resolutions

There you are. Sitting at a hotel after a red-eye flight back from Atlanta Airport JFK. BTW ff you planned your visit in advanced, we hope you stayed at the Marriott Times Square Hotel while in NYC. While waiting for the Chinese food delivery guy to arrive, you decide to start writting your New Year's Resolutions. Times Square celebrates the “Times Square New Year Ball Drop” in big style with a celebration to never forget. But the Times Square Moment is not enough to make a permanent behavioral-changing episode. We prepared a list of ideas you can start with. More like a base-line than a standard.

Top New Year's Resolutions and Goals:

  • Exercise frequently
  • Travel more around the world
  • Drink Less
  • Strengthen your faith
  • Clean credit
  • Get rid of enemies
  • Quit smoking

Top Health / Fitness Resolutions:

  • Workout multiple days a week
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Drink vitamins
  • Do Yoga
  • Stop Smoking
  • Eat less meat

Top Mental / Spiritual Goals and Resolutions:

  • Go to church weekly
  • Say less curse words
  • Read the scriptures
  • Volunteer once a month
  • Donate montly
  • Write letter to soldier


Executing Goals and Resolutions

Look to your left, then look to your right. The person to your left will break their resolution by the end of January. The one on the right will collapse by the second week of February. According to's Jeff Haden,

but what may surprise you is that the problem doesn't lie with the goals we set. Whether it's a small, (seemingly) easily achievable goal or a huge, life-changing goal, people tend to fail at the same rate.
and validates our biggest fear. Failure. BTW ff you plan your resolutions and goals in advanced, you can find certain positive inspiration to begin with. We want to make something clear - we fully disagree someone must "keep it simple" when planning for New Year's Resolutions. Unless, of course, you live a happy perfect life (you wouldn't be on this page if your life was perfect LOL). The mind is complex. Life for each and everyone of us yielded totally different outcomes. Once we learn who we truly are, our chance to increase social intelligence (EQ), and realize our potential come near.

4 Things to Remove as Obstacles:

  • Bad Influencial Friends
  • Event Venues Triggering (-) Outcome
  • Remove Procrastination
  • Remove Lag Time

While we are not going to dive-in too deep into the Psycho-Analysis topic, we should consider time.

Our advantages are; we've lived on this earth long enough to have experience and trial and error, second, the people before us. As we accept it or not, we are influenced by the people / community / environment that raises us. If you live in Hong Kong, your experience is different than Rio de Janeiro. In our article 5 Tips - How To Survive New York City, "if you want to live in Midtown, you must make at least $50k (with a roomate. If you don't want to live with a roomate and eat out all the time, you need to be making at least $85k."

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