KnightScope ADM- Current RoboCop

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Knightscope ADM is a company focused on manufacturing a line of ADM’s (Autonomous Data Machines).

Knightscope ADM

This cool project was founded by William Santana. Think of this as a machine walking around NY Times Square Post gathering analytics from a farther distance than humans can normally see.  For example, Hollywood has introduced many high-security concepts over the year.  From Jason Bourne to Minority Report, we are no strangers to futuristic ideas with robotic engineered security.

In addition, the concept of utilizing robotics for law enforcement has been around for ages. The military has tested applications for years.  As a result, companies, and concepts like the KnightScope ADM are trying to make higher security possible.  However, there are very few verticals utilizing ADM’s and are mostly limited to security and military application.

The idea of higher security is very appealing to our society.  KnightScope ADM however, is selling the idea by positioning the robotic solution as an extra pair of smart eyes and ears to current law enforcement.

The company has two types of models; K5 and the K10.

Advanced features include:

>Advanced Anomaly Detection with KnightScope ADM

The Knight Scope uses software-powered analytics and modern-day sensors. Analyze images (OCR capabilities)

>Autonomous Presence

Robot in NY Times Square

In addition, robots can coexist and navigate through complex environments. Determine the proximity and location of objects. Also, record audio and video provide 3d environment mapping (including thermal and nighttime imaging) using ultrasonic, infrared, radar and lidar sensors

>Gun Detection


>Forensic Capabilities

Hard data (license plates, signals, etc.), Capture temperature and air quality readings

Several partners are buying into the idea of replacing humans with robots. For example, both Securitas and Allied Universal have pledged channel partner relationships with KnightScope.


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