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Heroes and Superheroes

Ideal Customer Profiles are the Heroes

Mary was an avid social media user, often sharing her thoughts on the latest products and services she used. She was also very engaged with the brands she followed, frequently commenting on their posts and offering feedback. Based on her online activity, it was clear that Mary was an ideal customer profile for many businesses.

Sales and Ideal Customer Profile

Sales optimization and marketing strategy go hand-in-hand, and one of the most important aspects of any effective marketing campaign is targeting the right audience. An ideal customer profile (ICP) is a comprehensive description of your ideal target customer, based on real data and market research.

Creating an ICP can help you to better understand your target market and create more targeted sales and marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with your ideal customers. Additionally, an ICP can help you to allocate your resources more effectively and improve your overall ROI.

There are a few key elements that should be included in an ideal customer profile:

  1. Demographic information: This includes basic information about your ideal customer, such as their age, location, gender, income level, etc.
  2. Psychographic information: This type of information delves into your ideal customer’s lifestyle, values, and interests.
  3. Buyer journey: This refers to the process that your ideal customer goes through when making a purchase, from initial awareness to post-purchase loyalty.

Understanding these key elements can help you to create targeted content, ads, and offers that are more likely to appeal to your ideal customers. Additionally, having a well-defined ICP can help you to avoid wasting time and resources on marketing campaigns that are not likely to be successful.

We connect better when we spend time building an ICP or ideal customer profile, during any Marketing or Sales campaign. Someone in sales (early in my career) gave me the wrong advice:

You have to cast your net wide. The wider your cast, the bigger the return.

🚫 Not for me. I’d take Ideal Customer Profiles all day long.

I rely on “myself” when I meet potential customers, partners, or colleagues. It is satisfying to engage with people who share similar “connectors.” I also rely on emotional indicators. “Wherever I go, there I am.” 👈🏾 The primary interest is to connect emotionally with someone who is willing to start a “digital journey” with me (they buy from people) or my product (they are interested in value).

Some of the people I’ve connected with have become my heroes. 🎯 For me, the sales and marketing process became a LITTLE easier, once I started to spend time building an ICP.

📷Photo: “The Guardians: Hero and Superhero” at 3 Bryant Park.

Useful framework: Gartner

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