Designated Areas for Elmo in Times Square

Trying to keep the “characters” away into a designated area is not easy.

The city of New York has literally drawn the line by creating designated areas to keep characters away from children and such.

City officials decided to put a stop to the character madness in Times Square this month.  The complaints from locals and tourist kept mounting.  In addition, there are more than 300k people traveling through Times Square, so it’s always busy. Nonetheless, the restriction stops characters from access to these painted boxes or designated areas on the ground. 

Government Initiative is a start.  Also, trying to keep Disney and Marvel characters away from harassing tourist by segmenting the pavement was brilliant.

designated areas

“These tourists make up a big chunk of what Times Square really is,” said S.D Williams, a NY resident who moved from Michigan. Characters will not allow access outside these painted boxes on the ground.


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