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Congestion Pricing New York Midtown

Why is the congestion pricing plan so important for NYC?

Being the first at something has never been a problem for New York City. The big apple will become the first major Metropolis to create a “congestion pricing” plan to help ease major concerns among residents and visitors. The population trafficking NYC is very dense. For example, 350,000K people visit Times Square alone, both visitors and residents alike. The problem of congestion in Midtown Manhattan dates back to its development days. NYC has always been a center of attention, Metropolis full of people and transportation. A congestion pricing will create a cost associated with bringing transportation to certain parts of NYC. In addition, the concept will also influence activity in the outer parts of the island. Subsequently, the influence will push the Mayor to increase highway and of road quality on a consistent basis.

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Congestion pricing is not a new concept. In addition to NYC, other cities who practice it, have implemented such systems in order to increase air quality, protect pedestrians from liability, and increase the overall quality of life. We made our own experiment between Feb. 2019 to the end of March 2019 and asked taxi drivers, delivery people, and random drivers one question: what do you think about the congestion pricing in NYC? Except for the random drivers, everyone was extremely upset.

Times Square Midtown Outlook

Nonetheless, there is a positive spin here. “But the hope remains,” said Martha (Uber driver) “that we will have a chance to express our needs and come to an agreement where taxis and delivery reps will have a chance to do our business.” The comment from Martha makes sense, especially because all the people Uber delivers, also provides business and revenue to companies in Midtown and other parts of Manhattan.
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