9 Things to Know Before You Visit Times Square

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Preparing to Visit Times Square New York is No Easy Feat.

Here are 9 Things to Know Before You Visit Times Square

We celebrated honeymoons and New Year’s here, but during our last visit, we stayed. Long-term supporters of all New York City has to offer, we have embraced every event possible on the island of Manhattan. We’ve done it all; from the Central Park days to walking the Chelsea Market walk-way. We’ve even been to the Times Square New Year’s Ball Drop!

Our crew is well-traveled but always plan our trips well.

We adopted proper planning while traveling back from Prague (Czech Republic) to New York City.  We spent some time preparing for our trip and researching spots to go.  Here is the thing; the better you plan the more time you have, therefore the more fun.  I, for instance, would prefer a little extra time to make sure I capture every moment on my GoPro camera (which by the way once you learn how to really use it will change your life) and of course, the restaurant scene is something to be admired.  Others like to visit different pastry places, art-related events, and a little shopping.

Here is a list of 9 things people should consider when they visit Times Square:

1.  Prepare to be around a LOT OF PEOPLE

According to Forbes magazine, approximately 350,000+ people travel through Times Square every day. “It is said that 26 million people visit Times Square each year, which is about 250,0000 people who go through Times Square every day, which consists of 35,0000 employees, residents and of course tourists.”  The same article in Forbes suggested that December seems to be the busiest times of the year.

2.  Make a list of all the Restaurants in Times Square you can eat for less than $15

We made our own list of Top Affordable Restaurants in Times Square NYC for Less Than $15 and it saved us a ton of money while in Times Square (and surrounding area).  Particularly the “hole-in-the-wall” places which offered amazing food at an affordable price.

3.  Carry extra cash. The attractions sometimes only take dollar bills.

Naked cowboy. Check.  Naked Girls. Yes.  Aggressive Disney, Marvel, and DC characters running around trying to take a picture with you.  Of course.  Take some extra cash with you when you visit Times Square and while walking through the tourist sites between 42nd St. and 48th St.

4.  Download an NYC Train App.  The app contains delay and map/route information which can make your trip so much more pleasant.

Navigating through the city is very challenging, particularly in the main stations and crowded areas.  There are several apps available and our favorite is New York Subway – MTA Map and Route Planner by Map-way Limited that can help you create and plan a route, find destinations and tourist spots, and help you find alternate routes when the New York travel prime-time is in effect.

300k people travel monthly through Times Square

5.  Buy a Week / Daily train pass

Walking around NYC is pretty easy, but you can navigate faster (especially if you have a “list” prepared).

6.  Get a selfie stick

You can cover so much background while in an elevated position.  New York City is known for its massive architecture, landmarks, parks, and site seeing displays.  Don’t short-change yourself from an amazing background when you visit Times Square.  Make the investment.

7.  Carry 2 bottles of water at all times

You will be thirsty sometimes (I’ve personally seen people pass out from dehydration in the city), but there will also be times when you need that water to wash your hands.

8.  Phone charger

NYC has charging stations all over the place.  You are going to need a lot of charges to have your camera on.

9.  Hotspots and Reception

Download their apps.  New Yorkers take their wi-fi security very serious.  Do your research and have a backup plan for access to the internet.  New Yorkers take their wi-fi security very serious.  Do your research and have a backup plan for access to the internet.

Bottom Line

You will be paying a lot of extra cash if you are not prepared and distracted.  New York gives plenty of opportunities to spend lots of cash on high-end quality stuff. All the time.  The most important thing is to create more time so you can enjoy the great things Times Square has to offer.

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