ESPN College GameDay in Times Square

ESPN College GameDay
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Times Square Hosts ESPN College GameDay Week 4

New York City is the central stage for a lot of great events. As a result, Times Square prepares to host this nation’s Week 4 of the NCAA College Football 2017 season.  Notably, Times Square became the host Week 4 ESPN College GameDay Saturday, Sept. 23 early morning on a huge stage. The opportunity to host one of these is priceless. However, the opportunity to host did not come without backlash.

Take the New York Test

A massive debate initiated early last week:

Why are we not hosting this event on a College Football Campus?

There were many fans who expressed their emotions. “This should be a college spot, not a tourist area.  How can you do this to the kids?” said Eric R. from Brooklyn. Also, “We are here to support the colleges, not commercial New York.”  ESPN reporters will cover Saturday’s games on the big screen all day.  Equally, the newscasters will provide coverage for all teams across the league. Many people from all over the world come to chant  Every Game is Everything.

ESPN College GameDay Schedule for Saturday Wishing All the Teams Good Luck:

Football at a college level is an exciting sport.  Not to mention, each Matchup contains history and rivalry.  As a result, we should not be bored in week 4 at any point.  There is much at stake for many of these college teams.  In the same fashion, football is part of many communities in the United States.  Also, we should see some really fun energy coming from the fans.

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